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Roy Zhang


Blockchain top-level structural design expert. Experts in the field of customer relations and anti-fraud. BDGroup, senior consultant of Apple's software store and anti-fraud team in Greater China. Investment promoter is an early investor and observer of blockchain in Southeast Asia.

Jon Kai


Singapore Green Label Manager. Experts in team management and negotiation, experts in solving complex system problems. Former Vice President of Singapore Sway Group Corporation. Early Bitcoin enthusiasts in Singapore. Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit, Curator of Roadshow

Sherry Tong


Loughborough University Bussiness Studies Master. Director of Operations of Weikeng Mainland Region of a Taiwan-listed company. Early In-Depth Participant of Blockchain Star Project IOTA. Director of Operations of BD Group Investment



Digital currency early investor. 7 years of experience in the financial industry. CFA holder, senior consultant of investment bank, participated in the merger and acquisition and reorganization of many listed companies, and helped companies solve financing problems through bond issuance and stock pledge, etc. Customer relationship expert

Ciyuan Xiao


Expert in fuzzy mathematics, inventor of fuzzy transfer closure matrix consensus algorithm for fuzzy pseudo-random matrix. Director of Fuzzy Information and Engineering Branch of Chinese Operational Research Society, Director of Sichuan Biomathematics Society, Vice Chairman of Southwest Petroleum University Association of Old Professors, Professor of School of Science, Research and Practice Expert in Multiple Fields of Applied Mathematics, Sichuan Sichuan Chain Big Data Research Center director.

Zhiwen Mo


Expert in quantum information processing, Ph.D. from Southwest Jiaotong University, now professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Normal University, director of Institute of Intelligent Information and Quantum Information of Sichuan Normal University, director of Quantum Technology Institute of Sichuan Chuanlian Big Data Research Center, Sichuan Province.

Haode Liao

Associate Professor

Public chain underlying technology development expert, national registered senior programmer, presided over a number of enterprise informatization software development projects, associate professor of Southwest Petroleum University School of Computer Science, director of blockchain underlying technology research institute of Sichuan Sichuan Chain Big Data Research Center, Sichuan Province.

Bing Wang

Associate Professor

Expert in consensus algorithm programming, Master of Computer Science, University of Electronic Science and Technology, and now Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, Southwest Petroleum University. He has been responsible for the development of more than ten national, provincial and ministerial data mining and software engineering research projects. He is a researcher at the Sichuan Chuanlian Big Data Research Center in Sichuan Province.

Yuting Jiang


Blockchain consensus algorithm expert, quantum information processing and security testing expert, Ph.D., School of Network and Information Security, Xidian University. Researcher of Chengdu Chuanlian Big Data Research Center, Sichuan Province.

Gang Zhai

Expert in the field of cryptography and information security, chairman of Yuran Information, former vice president of Iridium Information (stock code: 832623), member of the Program Committee of the Ninth International Academic Conference of the Chinese Operational Research Society Fuzzy Information Engineering Branch, domestic third-generation information security attack and defense Representative in the field of confrontation, core inheritor of factor space academic theory, has long been engaged in software development of cryptography and information security, and a researcher at the Sichuan Sichuan Chain Big Data Research Center in Sichuan Province.

Junjie Shang

Software engineer

10 years of full stack development experience, senior programmer of public chain underlying technology. Researcher of Chengdu Chuanlian Big Data Research Center, Sichuan Province.

Peizhuang Wang


One of the founders of fuzzy mathematics in China, a master of fuzzy mathematics, he has served as professor of Beijing Normal University, vice president of Guangzhou University, vice chairman of the International Fuzzy Systems Association, vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Fuzzy Mathematics and Fuzzy Systems, and deputy editor-in-chief of the journal Fuzzy Mathematics. He is currently a specially appointed professor at Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology.

Shuwang Lu


Professor of the University of Science and Technology of China, doctoral tutor, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Information Security of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Beijing Knowledge Security Engineering Center, was awarded the Special Contribution Expert by the Ministry of Labor and Personnel in 1992, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.


Foreign consultant

Mr. Scheepers is an experienced IT consultant specializing in data management software. He has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing solutions for international companies to maintain, protect, and optimize data usage. He is currently the leading independent data provider in Europe. Project consultants for centers and cloud service providers.