What is GEN?

GEN is a fuzzy math proof method and fuzzy random proof of work, using dual adjustment system and quantum entanglement proof of stake mechanism, with strong security, resistance to quantum attacks New generation blockchain ecological platform. Everyone can easily develop and use decentralized applications resistant to quantum attacks on the GEN blockchain platform, and these applications are also extremely safe for users.

GEN Blockchain (referred to as "GEN" chain) is dedicated to the development of the third blockchain ecosystem other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has a safe and fast electronic peer-to-peer payment system that surpasses Bitcoin. At the same time, GEN has established two smart Trust contract development platform-general contract platform and GEN special platform. To meet the needs of various users, almost all blockchain applications can be deployed and developed in the GEN ecosystem to solve the problem of traditional asset on-chain and broaden the boundaries of blockchain applications.
White Paper
More Safer

The solution space of the fuzzy transitive closure matrix consensus algorithm (FRMH1.0) is 10,000 times that of the Bitcoin mining algorithm, which greatly improves the security guarantee. At the same time, the double encryption and double adjustment mechanism implemented by the GEN chain makes the GEN chain Safety performance has been greatly improved.

Universal inclusive

Through the current number block reward mechanism, the future realization of the uncle block reward mechanism and the future realization of the network-wide random lottery mechanism, fairness can be achieved, everyone can participate in mining, in order to improve node participation and enhance the attributes of the blockchain.

Physical winding

Because the algorithm of the fuzzy transitive closure matrix can output a random matrix of fuzzy transitive closure based on user information, which contains many temporary keys, this provides a broader platform for multi-party transactions and multi-layer transactions and physical on-chain Provides a richer application scenario for the GEN chain.

Attack resistance

It is resistant to the risk of soaring computing power, which means that even quantum computers can mine the GEN chain and still have a regulation mechanism. If there are 100 million quantum computers to mine GENC, the GEN chain still has more than enough regulation for it.

Main body

Singapore GEN Overseas Foundation

Technical Support Unit

Blockchain underlying technology research institute

Blockchain Quantum Technology Research Institute

Blockchain Financial Application Research Institute

Blockchain Intelligent Application Research Institute

Sichuan Chuan Chain Big Data
Research Center, China

Core algorithm
Fuzzy transfer closure matrix consensus algorithm (FRMH1.0) based on fuzzy pseudo-random matrix and fuzzy random collision workload proof mechanism.
Establish two smart trust contract platforms—common contract platform and special platform to meet the needs of various users, so that almost all block application projects can be deployed and developed on one of gen's two contract platforms .
Application platform
Uncle block reward mechanism and quantum entanglement equity proof mechanism are implemented after the whole network random lottery mechanism.
The dual automatic adjustment mechanism of mining (fuzzy closure array algorithm and hash algorithm) makes the gen chain resistant to quantum attacks.
Difficulty adjustment

      Technical advantages


Complete technology, highly scalable anti-quantum attack blockchain ecological platform

      Blockchain enterprise
application service platform

A blockchain ecological platform friendly to enterprises and developers

Provide flexible and secure blockchain infrastructure, one-stop solution and complete developer documentation to facilitate rapid access and deployment of various enterprises and developers.

Double encryption and double regulation mechanism

Double encryption and double regulation mechanism Double encryption (F transfer closure algorithm and hash algorithm) and double adjustment mechanism (linear adjustment and geometric adjustment) are used, which can theoretically resist future quantum computer attacks.

Secure intelligent trust contract using fuzzy mathematical algorithm to resist quantum attack

The GEN chain as a Turing complete smart contract system plus the trust guarantee provided by gen can satisfy developers to write arbitrarily complex contracts that exist on the GEN chain and can be propagated on the GEN chain. Developers can implement token customization, financial derivatives, identity systems and decentralized organizations on the GEN chain in a safe and trusted manner, which greatly expands the application range of the blockchain system.

      Enterprise use

Application 1: Distribute smart trust contracts

The establishment of smart trust contracts can provide more secure protection for both parties to the transaction and multi-party transactions and step-by-step transactions. Because the GEN chain can establish a fuzzy transfer closure matrix (F closure matrix) based on user information, which contains multiple random numbers and their addresses, which can be used to verify multiple temporary keys required for contract completion.

Application 2: physical purchase process

The establishment of smart trust contracts can solve the problem of physical chaining. For example, when A buys goods from B, when A transfers the money to a public wallet, the system sends a key to A and the returned QR code generated by the key. The generated shipping QR code. B gets the shipping QR code, pastes it on the goods, and sends it to A. When the goods arrive at A, A picks up the goods by means of the received key (that is, returns the own key together with the shipping QR code of B to the F closure array to remove the goods). The system verification ensures that the contract is fully executed, and the payment in the public wallet is transferred to supplier B. This process is shown in Figure 2.


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